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Parents and guardians should be at the heart of any child's education. We value our parents' feedback and ensure they have the best experience at GFS. Read through all of our parent testimonials below.

  • Al Marri Family

    4th Year at GFS, Children in Y9, Y7 and FS1

    What we love about Founders is the sense of belonging. The atmosphere at Founders is something special and knowing that once I have dropped my children at school that they are in safe hands. I'm sure it's not an easy task to manage a school of this size, and everyone involved does a great job, especially as the school has grown so quickly over the last few years. It has been a pleasure to watch the school grow and go from strength to strength each year. It makes us proud to be part of the Founders family. 

    Hints and Tips: Communication is key. All the members of staff are very approachable and more than happy to help you or point you in the right direction if you have any concerns. And a little patience goes a long way, especially during drop off and pickup! 

  • Arenas Family

    3rd Year at GFS, Daughter in Y7 and Son in Y3

    What we really love most is the humbling family atmosphere. Other than the diversity of culture, when we are all together, it feels like home. We love the fact that the teachers and management genuinely care for the students. It's not an easy task to be outside the building, and sometimes we all know that it's extremely hot, but the management and teachers manage to welcome all the students at the entrance of each gate and at the same time send them off at the court while they wait for the parents to pick up the kids. I think for me that is genuine evidence that faculty members and management do really care. It gives the students and us parents the confidence that our children are really looked after. 

    Hints and Tips: I think right communication is important, if we just try to communicate our concern to teachers or management with respect, you would feel that they are really listening and they provide you with the right attention needed. To always be grateful to all the teachers and faculty members who are patiently helping with the traffic, it's not an easy task to be under the sun enduring the traffic and our kids are looked after but they are doing that with all grace. If everyone will just work together and listen and respect the orders of the ones whose helping with the traffic or with any concern you want to address I know nothing is impossible. 

  • Miscevic Family

    3rd Years at GFS, 2 Children in FS1 and Y4

    Our dad works out of the country for most of the year and this is why you can't see him on the photo. 

    We love all the teachers so far and what they brought out in my son, and hopefully now in my daughter. Always open communication and we love that the kids learn from the books and not only iPads. We are always impressed with how helpful and responsive and if I may add, patient all the staff are whenever we require assistance or clarification with anything. We feel that GFS staff really love what they do and they genuinely care about the children. The Principal is approachable and always present around the school. Once the initial stress of the school year beginning is gone you start feeling like this is your second home. 

    Hints and Tips: Download all the applications and get into the systems from the beginning so yo don't miss out important information. 

  • Sanjay Family

    3rd Year at GFS, Daughter in Y4

    What we love most with Founders is, it is dedicated to then overall personality development of students rather than prioritizing their academic skillset alone. Teacher and staff at all levels are approachable and open to communication. When our child moved in from a different curriculum we were concerned about the transition phase, but thanks to the concern of the teachers and their efforts and regular guidance as well as tips to us, she has settled in well. The school efforts in organising various events regularly for social causes are also commendable. As children participate and contribute to such events, they are learning to be responsible in society and important good qualities are inculcated in them. 

    Hints and Tips: Our top tip would be that both parents download all apps, to be on top of communication and be involved in the child's school-related activities. Regularly read all newsletters sent. 
    Reach out to concerned departments or those in charge for any specific queries directly, instead of calling up reception or emailing only the class teacher for all queries. Organised communication helps all parties involved.

  • Suprun Family

    At GFS since 2016, Son joined in Y5 and Daughter Now in Y2

    What we love most about our school is the learning environment, a whole person, hands on learning and a great atmosphere in class with a wide choice of activities provided by amazing GEMS Founders teachers! 

    Hints and Tips: My advice to parents and children is - be kind, don't judge, and have respect for others!


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